Automotive Parts Search Engine - How To

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Search Engine - How To

In order to make use of our advanced automotive parts search engine, a user need to -

☆ Register


☆ Sign In with their registered credentials.

Users activity and interaction is based upon their selected/registered User Role Interaction. There are currently seven (7) user roles to suit each users needs -

☆ Franchise Dealer/ship (group and dealer based i.e. Mcarthy VW Durban);

☆ O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer i.e VW South Africa);

☆ Non-O.E.M. (non original parts suppliers i.e. Midas);

☆ Insurance Company (Insurance Companies i.e. OutSurance);

☆ Panel/Body Shop (any panel or body shop repairer i.e. Proline Auto Body Shop);

☆ Non-Franchised Workshop (any non-franchised service center i.e. The Garage);

☆ Private Individual (any person not related to the above, searching and making purchases in a private capacity).

Search Engine - How To

Once Signed In, select "SEARCH". User will be offered the following options to search for an automotive part, depending on the information available to them -

☆ Search by selecting a vehicle saved to their user name;

☆ Search by using the vehicle's V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number - Chassis Number);

☆ Search by selecting the year, brand, model, model description, transmission etc. from lists of drop down information;

☆ Once a vehicle is loaded, an image will be displayed confirming the user's selected vehicle for easy reference (Note that our system is international, the correct region vehicle need to be selected, i.e. Europe);

Search Engine - How To

Once a vehicle has been selected, user can make his automotive parts enquiry from the available lists of categories on the left or from the images shown to them. -

☆ All parts has been devided into categories according to O.E.M. specifications, make your selection from your prescribed category;

☆ All part numbers is numbered to O.E.M. specifications which enables the user to reference the correct parts with a supplier;

☆ Once user selected their category, they will be presented with a list of categories for that specific selected category i.e brakes will be presented with pads, calipers etc.;

Search Engine - How To

Once a specific category has been selected, user will be presented with all parts related to that category i.e. Bonnet will be presented with an image as well as part numbers linked to each part i.e. bolts, fasteners, rubbers etc for that part. -

☆ When part is found, user to select "See Prices" on the right;

☆ This will present them a list of selected parts available from all suppliers;

☆ User can select the best priced part available, irrespective of region or province. Dealers/suppliers deliver nation wide from branch to branch, user can collect parts from their nearest branch;

Search Engine - How To

When a part is added to the users shopping cart, they can either conclude the transaction or continue searching for more parts.

Note that no payments is required when completing a purchase, all payments is managed by the supplier;

☆ an E-Mail Pro-forma invoice is forwarded to user as well as the supplier;

☆ Supplier will contact user and conclude the transaction;

☆ Payment and delivery arrangements will be conducted by the supplier with the user directly;

☆ Supplier will present user with an invoice and transaction will be marked as completed;

Search Engine - How To

If no part was returned in user search, an option is available to add their required parts to a wishlist, using part numbers from their search criteria.

Supliers that can supply the required parts will contact user with quotations, user can select from best priced options offered to them;

☆ Select "Add To Wishlist", parts will be added to users wishlist, same as their cart - these can be viewed and managed accordingly;

☆ User's wishlist will be added to I-Moto Solution's auction site where suppliers can bid on the supply of required parts;

☆ Auction will expire in 48 hours, user can select their purchase actions from closed auction, all above will apply pertaining to payment and delivery;

☆ Panel/Body Shop's and Non-Franchised workshops are enabled to upload entire repair job sheets to the auction for quoting and supply by suppliers;

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