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Workshop Introduction

In 2018, a national survey conducted found that 83% of service clients find the drop-and-collect process the most displeasing. This had a large negative effect on dealership client satisfaction indexes.

I-Moto Solutions is launching their ServiceForMe module very soon to ensure that, instead of being product-centric, all the focus is customer-centric. The module will offer service clients -

☆ a Digital platform to view available service dates and times, make own bookings accordingly;

☆ a Loan vehicle time table should alternate transport be required;

☆ a Digital inspection of the vehicle when brought in, all documentation captured on digital platform;

☆ Alternate drop-off and collection times based on work started and ended updates;

☆ Hourly digital communication on progress of work/repair as per technician time table;

☆ Digital quotes and invoicing forwarded upon completion of qoute request/invoice completed;

☆ Digital explanation of work requested/carried out.

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